The Hatters Crew are coming to Paris

Dear Diane and Shaded Viewers,

I’ve told you about the work of sisters Veronica and Ilaria Cornacchini and Matteo Gioli before, but things are changing over at Superduper Hats HQ. After presenting seasonal offerings of handmade hats since 2010, as well as collaborating with the likes of Art Comes First, Stella Jean and Norwegian Rain, they’re now officially the Hatters Crew. Alongside their hats is now a capsule collection of clothing the trio have designed in their charming studio just outside Florence. It’s nice to see how their passion for hats has grown in an organic and honest way.

You can catch the Hatters Crew in their Paris Showroom at 29 Rue Charlot. January 18-23.

Happy Monday,



SuperDuper_17_1815829 SuperDuper_17_1815365

SuperDuper_17_1815370  SuperDuper_17_1815455

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Sophie Joy Wright