Capital Fashion Week in Brasilia and a morning meeting with the designers

Dear Shaded Viewers,

This morning we met with some of the designers and organizers for Capital Fashion Week. This is the 7th edition so like the city of Brasilia, CFW is quite young.Of course I could not meet with everyone but here are a few of the highlights.

Sann Marcuccy

Sann Marcuccy, he shows tomorrow night after I leave. HIs collection was inspired by the Empress in the Tarot cards and what the Empress would be now in the real world. His collection focuses on sustainability. 

Camila Prado

Camila Prado, she shows tonight, her collection was inspired by pool parties since in Brasilia they don't have the sea so when they want to have fun they go to pool parties.The print is from an ariel view of Brasilia.

Pedro models Akihito HIra

Two of the journalists model Akihito Hira's men's collection

All of Diane's photos taken with Samsung ST50

Talentos do Brasil is a group of 10 designers that work with artisans from all over Brazil. 
Talentos do brasil
Artisan Talentos do brasil
I loved her, she is one of the artisans working with Talentos do Brasil and she is wearing a hat made of a particular wool found only in one part of Brazil.

N_Talentos do brasil

90% of the12,000  artisans working for Talentos do Brasil are women, the one man here is one of the 10 designers for the group. Talentos do Brasil represents the 12 different states of Brazil. They arrange different production groups according to the design and use particular local groups to make each of the designs. They will show their work at Pret a Porter in Paris on September 4th.

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