Zolotas lights the way with its Calypso charms

Where one heavenly woman’s plight has become Greek jewelry house Zolotas’ symbol for global godspeed.
If you love them, let them go. According to the Odyssey, this is what the heartbroken-yet-honorable nymph Calypso did for Ulysses after the hero found a haven in her arms on the way home. What’s more, she lit his way with star-based navigational advice and victuals for the trip.
Reinterpreted by Greek heritage jewellery house Zolotas, Calypso has been immortalized in a line of gorgeous tokens figuring gently stylized waves and the central guiding light of Ursa Major, a circular seal of loving approval. The concept behind this charms line is simple: inspired by the gouri, they are a contemporary twist on the traditional good luck token that embodies wishes for a happy, healthy and prosperous year ahead and exchanged on New Year’s Day, when Agios Vasileios comes down from Kesaria to distribute gifts to one and all. For Zolotas, these Charms are more than just glittering gifts with which to surprise loved ones. Sales of their yearly Charm collection are dedicated to the support of charitable organizations. For 2017, ELEPAP-Rehabilitation for The Disabled will receive their support, as well as Sidaction, to whom variations around the Calypso line have been donated since December.
From the simple ease of a silver motif on a silk cord to the finest gold and precious stones variations, there is bound to be one to appeal to your inner goddess. So do as the saying suggests and be sure to give those you love – whether you know them or not – a little something to light the way.
Calypso 2017 Charms collection
Available from the Zolotas flagship store (3 rue de Miromesnil, 75008) or www.zolotas.com
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