Neith Nyer at Designers Apartment

Dear Diane and Shaded Viewers,

Set in the oldest gymnasium in the world, the Neith Nyer ss17 show was all about designer Francisco Terra’s youth. When the 2000s were approaching, the millennium bug concerned teens as much as the risk of their spaghetti-straps slipping off. Oh what a simple time that was. I went to have a closer look at the garments at Designer’s Apartment where this Brazilian designer showed me his fake furs in bubblegum pink that matched a crushed velvet or lurex slip dress, and the rose jacquards and smocked leather, which were by contrast, rich. The collaboration with Japanese artist, Hizigi for the naked-lady embroideries were likewise delicate, and the fact that every piece is made in Paris gives the garments a hidden sense of luxury. Previously at Givenchy and then Carven, Terra knows what he’s doing though remains to have an unassuming air. His brand, which is now into its 3rd season, takes its name from his grandmother. And so his work is personal and honest; indeed, “I’m creating for my gang.”

Happy Monday,


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Sophie Joy Wright