Caribbean Nights and London Lights at Wales Bonner SS25 by Leticia Dare

Dear Shaded Viewers,


Grace Wales Bonner’s Spring/Summer 2025 collection, “Midnight Palms,” is a vibrant journey that’s as lush as a Caribbean night and as cool as a London breeze. This collection celebrates the trailblazing Trinidadian artist and textile designer Althea McNish, offering a feast for the senses and a masterclass in cultural fusion.

Althea McNish was the queen of color and a true pioneer in the textile world. Her move from Port-of-Spain to London in the 1950s infused British fashion with Caribbean vibrancy, and Wales Bonner honors this legacy with prints that are nothing short of eye-popping. The Osiris, Akarana, and Trinidad prints burst with tropical flair and painterly precision, transforming fabric into living, breathing works of art.

Imagine strolling down a moonlit pier in a city by the sea. That’s the vibe here. Nautical influences abound—think striped crochet and mouliné knitwear that scream seaside sophistication. The swimwear silhouettes are perfect for a midnight dip, while the nylon anoraks catch the light just right, making you sparkle like the ocean at night. And let’s not forget the formalwear—calypso-inspired pieces that reimagine traditional occasion wear. A shrunken floral jacquard blazer? Yes, please. A cavalry twill Crombie coat? Don’t mind if I do!

The shoes are the real showstoppers. We’re talking silver-and-gold woven leather that feels like stepping into a treasure trove. Women’s silhouettes get the glam treatment with metal and sequin embroideries that shimmer and shine. The collaboration with Savile Row legends Anderson & Shepard gives us a brown satin overcoat to die for, an ivory silk shawl-collar jacket that’s pure elegance, and evening ensembles in silk and mohair that are sharp enough to cut glass.

The collection has a playful side, too. Rudeboys and rockers strut their stuff in cowhide desert boots, and a tailored trench coat finished with bamboo fastenings is the epitome of cool. The fabrics are luxurious—frayed silks, cocoa-dyed velvet, and polished Ecco leather make utility designs feel downright decadent. And don’t get me started on the Jewel Mary Jane—it’s all about speed, simplicity, and style.

Leisurewear gets a luxe update with the adidas Originals by Wales Bonner collection. The new Country Low sneaker, in khaki suede and black and white leather with a perforated three-stripe motif, is sporty chic at its finest. And the deconstructed Superstar Hi-top in lush suede? An absolute must-have.

Let’s talk tunes. The show’s soundtrack, composed by James William Blades, features the incredible Senegalese musicians Obree Daman and Ibou Calebasse, along with UK dub legend Mad Professor. It’s a mix of dub futurism, romantic vocals, and melodic piano riffs—a sonic journey that’s just as mesmerizing as the collection itself.



Leticia Dare

Leticia Dare is the Fashion Director for ASVOF.