Pitti Fragranze 2016

Dear Diane and Shaded Viewers,


As ethereal as fragrance is, it still very much relies on the real world. A scent must be smelt to be understood, and in this way, the digital world is sort of rendered irrelevant for a moment, yet the intangible remains alive. Maybe this is why my photos came out as they did; the fragrance gods were telling me to put down my camera and focus on the corporeal and the fantastical, not the digital.

I attended Pitti Fragranze over the weekend. The 14th edition of this annual fragrance fair was held in Florence, Italy, where I was able to smell Diane’s new fragrance, Love Affair. It’s feels lighter than the other Diane Pernet Paris works, with bright rose with fresh vetiver, though there’s a deep, damp wood somewhere in there, like a cave far off at the end of a field. I wonder who it’s about…

If you want to see a more realistic representation of the space, and learn more about the five Diane Pernet Paris fragrances, go here.

I also want to mention another fragrance company I came across at the fair. DI SER is a company from the north of Japan in Sapporo. They use traditional Japanese ingredients like Yuzu, as well as Agarwood, which is wonderfully smoky and also considered the most expensive wood in the world. Di Ser have created scents that remind me so much of when I was in Japan, years ago. It’s amazing how our noses remember moments that have become glitchy in the brain.


Happy Wednesday,



Sophie Joy Wright