Dear shaded viewers,

Hugo Matha is barely 25 years old, but from what he knows and what he does, it is almost as if it was ageless.  Ok, you can always say: « it’s only a bag after all! », but what makes a real difference is when you see that it is made with passion and care.  You don’t know it because someone told you, or a sparkle in fashion this season, but you know it, as soon as you see all the timeless reasons that make it exist and beautiful: craftsmanship, materials and energy are the secret of the alchemy of a possible form of art in any field. The talented and sparkled eyed Hugo Matha has a vision. Believe it or not, it could be possible, and the secret could also be held all the way, in bottom of your purse.

Hugo Matha is a French accessories designer. He is a well raised young man from Aveyron France and has received what appears to be, a wonderful education that allows a young man to see what is beautiful in life, that is a rare thing and that is also a true form of luxury. While his mother led him to magic in the universe, from the elixirs of his generous father making all this wonderful red wine and the warm cognac that do exhilarate our beings. Hugo Matha seems as a contemporary product of nature, hedonism and art. He has the clear gaze and the humility of the young man that he is, while he is definitely in a field of harmony and poetry with a noble sense of perfection.

Hugo Matha uses natural materials, colors and shapes, that will remind you of the beautiful landscape outside in nature, at your party, at your cocktail. The open cage bag is very symbolic and it only inspires to say this. But when I look at the other bags with wood and leather, there is more of the obvious. Here we are in phase with nature. The bags in stone and leather is an other reference. On the streets of Paris or Tokyo or New York, or in the parks of LA or San Francisco you can stroll around with your books, with portfolio, your backpack there is always the space, the light for all the precious things it contains. Rather in simple and efficient shapes, the radiant and chic bags for ladies, or a walk in the haze, with models for both genres, Hugo’s propositions are like bright little stars in our fashion landscape. A beautiful gaze and energy with a sense of construction, he knows there is always a pulse of magic and poetry in a purse, and makes it visible.

Géraldine Postel