The singularity of Tetsuya Shimpo is a pronounced sense of Pop Japanese aesthetics mixed with a European passion for excellence. In a profusion of design, private houses, fashion and patterns, colorful food and elegant cars… He bridges the gap between work and the happy life of an architect, designer, collector and gastronome with collaborations in the fresh baking design industry. By placing work and play on the same levels, Tetsuya Shimpo thrives through a daily routine in an amazing world of energy, simply fed by a colorful obsession to some dyonisiac sense of construction.

His architectural firm Atelier Tetsuya Shimpo thrives with modern buildings, some built with traditional Japanese material as in this latest project in Kobe. Tetsuya Shimpo designs everything in the box, from furniture to light fixtures, objects of art de vivre, dishes, plates… In his tailor made suits, the man will stand out in any crowd. He chooses European high quality cloth with a preference on vintage and limited editions to the contemporary catalogs, so it is an adventure to search it, connect, visit, and search again until chance and intuition brings him to the right place. He combines the Japanese culture, the elegant precision of their tailors with the excellence of European textile craftsmanship. More over, the hedonistic pop Japanese designer and architect is developing collaborations in the new and exciting chic baking & pastries: colorful flavors, green tea, fresh fruits, waffle patterns, everything gets in the mix and it looks absolutely delicious. Among all the new cafés and bakeries opening in cities with delicatessen for the gourmands, in Kobe there is a line of fresh pastries, cakes, and pies, parlors with the most extraordinary waffles that will make you drool. 


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