When Karen Ruimy thrives though life experiences, nothing stays unnoticed. Author, singer-songwriter and dancer. Karen is a phenomena. Reading through her life resume feels like jumping from one branch to the next with agility and splendeur : from banking business, to Flamenco, art collecting and music production …

Karen is the founder of a global women’s foundation the GREAT Initiative (Gender Rights Equality Trust) with Mariella Frostrup and Jason McCue. She is also the co-founder of the Marrakesh Museum of Visual Arts and Photography which opened 2013.

Born in Casablanca, Karen moved to Paris as a seven year old. She grew up to be a be a banker and has been working as a bond dealer at HSBC. Despite her high flying career Karen felt she was on the wrong path and left behind her career and became a writer.

She writes extensively about art, design, creativity, following her spiritual path and is a regular blogger for the Huffington Post, where she talks about her work for GREAT, her spiritual calling and her support of contemporary arts. She also writes for Harpers Bazaar’s arts channel and Psychologies magazine, and contributes regularly as a Psychologies Lifelabs Expert. 

In music, she is enlightened to the bone : her last record ZIKR , (in arab Dhirk or Zikr,  is a rythmic repetition that evokes the souvenir of God, and a practice which enlightens it, it is also in the heart of Sufism.

At the age of 35 Karen became a professional flamenco dancer. She has since produced and performed in shows in Paris, London, Marrakech and India – where her latest show ZIKR was born. The show charts the journey of flamenco from India to Seville and has been created with Karen's musical collaborator Youth (Pink Floyd/Sir Paul McCartney).

As a private collector and patron of the arts, Karen has been invited to sit on the board of the Tate, Outset and the ICA. She just launched her new book La Voix de L'Ange , Éditions Exergue , Guy Trédaniel.

Stay with us and read more about Karen's passionate projects very soon !