The Velvet Underground – New York Extravaganza till August 21st at the Cite de la Musique Philharmonie de Paris

Dear Shaded Viewers,

Yesterday I visited the Velvet Underground New York Extravaganza with Mr. Pearl and we both really enjoyed it so here I am recommending it to you. It just opened on the 30th March. It takes you from the 60's to the present with films, music, photographs, a few articles of clothing. It  shows you how a band that during it's 5 year existence never found any real success (1965 – 1970) but has become a rock legend. They became the model for the explosion of punk to movements of today. It all started with the encounter between Lou Reed and John Cale and there is a video that juxtaposes the two of them from youth onward. The poet-rocker and avant-garde musician built a group around them from Sterling Morrison, a literature student and rock'n'roll fan, Moe Tucker, an androgynous looking drummer from the suburbs and Nico, who Andy Warhol introduced to them to be a lead singer of the Velvet Underground.

There are hundreds of images, tv archives, the work of contemporary artists inspired by the Velvet Underground, underground art films by Edward English – Alexander Keewatin Dewdney – Gerard Malanga – Marie Menken

Barbara Rubin – Andy Warhol – Danny Williams.

In addition the rest of the underground NYC scene are there: Candy Darling, Allen Ginsberg, Piero Heliczer, Angus MacLise, Gerard Malanga, Jonas Mekas, Barbara Rubin, Edie Sedwick, Andy  Warhol, Danny Williams and La Monte Young…..



1_Le Velvet Underground au Castle Los Angeles 1966 © Gerard Malanga

2. Le Velvet Underground et Nico avec Andy Warhol Hollywood Hills 1966© Gerard Malanga Courtesy Galerie 

3_Le Velvet Underground au Trip Los Angeles 1966© Lisa Law

4_Le Velvet Underground au Cafe Bizarre 1965 © Adam Ritchie

7_Le Velvet Underground au Delmonica New York 1966 © Adam Ritchie

8_Le Velvet Underground filme? par CBS News pendant le tournage du film de Piero Heliczer Venus in Furs 1965 © Adam Ritchie

Philharmonie de Paris

221, avenue Jean-Jaur

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