Dear Diane and Shaded Viewers,

A great representation of Australian fashion designers were featured at the Australian Fashion Chamber Parisian showroom, I had the pleasure to see all the creations in real life from down under. Here is a highlight of the brands shown at the Australian Fashion Chamber.

Christopher Esber

With a background in men’s tailoring, Christopher Esber managed to create a strong and innovative collection featuring silhouettes with a mix of masculinity and femininity.  Brazil was a big inspiration source for this Fall/Winter collection, leafs where a strong feature that spread throughout the collection in a subtle and interesting way created by pleading techniques. The early 90’s atmosphere that is still alive in Brazil is brought back with the placing of brand logos on the exterior and incorporating military shapes. Christopher Esber designs for the intellectual and minimal woman but tries to push her through his designs. 

Romance Was Born

Liberace in its finest translated into a colourful and diverse collection by Romance Was Born, the collection “Sincerely yours” is constructed by the idea of disguise. Every season the brand works with a contemporary artist for this fall/winter collection is was no one less than Sarah Contos, her work was transferred into printed sculptures, glove prints and overall prints, a reference to her aesthetical artwork. A recurring flower this season is the carnation, a wink to Liberace. Metallic jackets, extravagant prints and popping colours filled the space of Romance Was born.

Bianca Spender

A 1940’s surrealistic world inspired collection by Bianca Spender shows a strong feminine twist to masculine tailoring. Using strong shoulders to feminine dresses, brocade lace with graphic created a feminine collection with an edge coloured in nudes, green and camel. The collection varies from coats to dresses, skirt to tops and trousers to make it a complete wardrobe, which can be layered or worn separately.




Christopher Esber images – Photography by James Nelson, styled by Ilona Hamer.
Romance was Born Image – Flaunter
Bianca Spender Images – Flaunter