A visit to YESEY studio

Dear Diane and Shaded Viewers, 

Milliner, Dana Jauker, has a refreshing ‘get on with it’ spirit in response to the contemporary fashion landscape; something that follows through her whole universe. Her unassuming studio in Bologna is where Jauker and her small team ‘who are really in love with their work’ make by hand about 2000 pieces per season for a prestigious collection of retailers.

You’re inside a world that constantly asks you more and more, so there’s really no sense to resist it. It’s necessary and keeps me out of the clouds. Also it’s important for me not to lose my space inside the production in order to improve. It’s therapeutic in a way. In fact to be involved in all the aspects is very rich for me.’

Each season Jauker has a new discovery in her extraordinary archive. Covering almost every wall of her studio from floor to ceiling is the collection of 2000+ antique woodblock forms, some of which date back as far as 1917. Dana starts with these and then reinvents their forms with new materials and different shapes.

‘For SS16, we had more fun with feathers and straw. This was new for me; more like an exercise in sculpture. Before, I really loved felt more, but you have to be strong and fight the felt with your hands. The straw was a pleasure this time.’

Dana has been making hats since 1985, always in Italy, and always by hand. I only encountered her work this season, however, when Yesey shared a showroom space in Paris with Johhny Farah, leather accessories designer, founder and owner of IF, and friend of Diane. ‘He’s a very special person and has always supported my work,’ said Jauker. ‘A few years back he saw my hats at Tranoi and bought one for himself, and then the following season for his store in Beirut, and then all three IF stores.’

The name Yesey is a made-up palindrome, ‘which I was told is good luck. It’s yes-yes! I like how it’s simple, positive.’


Happy Monday,




Sophie Joy Wright