Patsy McArthur – Otherworld Coningsby Gallery 5-11 October 2015 – Floating in oceans, lakes and pools – escapist underwater images by Patsy McArthur

Dear Shaded Viewers,

Patsy McArthur's upcoming exhibition at Coningsby Gallery 5-11 October captures the weightlessness of being underwater. The Scottish figurative artist Patsy McArthur spent time in the deep and shallow waters of Australia earlier this year and the result is her new exhibition titled Otherworld. Following periods of painting freerunners, acrobats and trampolinists she now goes underwater to swimming pools, lakes and the open sea. The new work, from very small ink studies to large oil paintings is based on images shot in ten locations around Sydney.

All her models are strong swimmers, she considers the conditions of each body of water, including the translucency or opacity of the water, various effects caused by coloured swimming pool tiles, floating algae or ocean coral. Most of her models are fully clothed. Patsy McArthur: "I like my work to have an emotional element and I think my underwater imagery has a kind of escapism about it; the viewer can feel the temperature of the water, the sensory experience that comes with being in water, that other worldiness.



Coningsby Gallery\30 Tottenham Street

London W1T 4RJ

5-11 October 2015



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