For those of you in Athens… World Premi

Dear Shaded Viewers,


A Symphonic Visual Concert 

by Rufus WAINWRIGHT, Francesco VEZZOLI and Cindy SHERMAN

at the Festival of Athens

Theater Odeon Herodes Atticus (attached to the Acropolis) in Athens

September 15th, 2015 at 9:30pm

The evening is also partially under the aegis of the United Nation

Tickets here

 – This two part concert consists firstly of an hour's worth of material from the 2009 original Prima Donna opera by Wainwright, with singers and a full orchestra, accompanied by the debut of an incredible new art film by Francesco Vezzoli featuring Cindy Sherman as a fabulous Callas-Esque Diva.

"We filmed the visuals for this not long ago at the beautiful Th

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