Moncler Grenoble Unveils Fall/Winter 2024 Collection: A Fusion of Nature, Performance, and Style in St. Moritz

Dear Shaded Viewers,

Moncler Grenoble’s Fall/Winter 2024 collection was introduced in St. Moritz, transcending traditional performance wear with a unique blend of style. The scene was set in a forest where the Moncler community gathered, immersing themselves in nature’s beauty, creating a fairy tale-like ambiance.

In contrast to its mountaineering roots and dedication to performance, Moncler Grenoble showcased its identity amidst the captivating woods. The brand’s deep-rooted connection to epic expeditions and alpine sports was highlighted, tracing back to its role as the official supplier for the French national alpine skiing team during the 1968 Grenoble Winter Olympic Games.

Through relentless research and bold experimentation, Moncler Grenoble seamlessly combines form and function. The collection, spanning from slope to après ski, embodies the brand’s commitment to technical excellence and high style throughout various outdoor experiences.

The presentation in St. Moritz featured a mingling of guests in the Clavadatsch lodge and a runway set amidst a forest, capturing the essence of Moncler Grenoble’s diverse nature. The color palette, inspired by the winter environment, showcased subtle yet striking tones, including snow and ice hues, warm tree shades, and the depth of the night, complemented by red, white, and blue accents.

The collection narrates a story of people, environment, performance, and style. Geometric intarsia details, reminiscent of traditional quilts, adorned technical jackets and sheepskin accents. Quilting techniques mimicked Aran knit stitches on ski jackets, while knit duvets introduced a textured shagginess. Unexpected combinations of materials and functions, such as shirts transforming into ski jackets, showcased the collision of worlds in a bold and inventive manner.

Functional shapes, some generated through AI and refined by human engineering, were brought to life with a fusion of diverse materials. An emphasis on an open-air experience was complemented by a unique auditory approach – the show’s score was delivered through individual headphones, offering an intimate engagement.

In the high-altitude backdrop, Moncler demonstrated a natural evolution of high style, seamlessly merging with performance qualities. The brand expressed gratitude to the Tourist Office, Municipality, and the local community for their support in bringing this distinctive vision to life.



Diane Pernet

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