Dear Diane and Shaded Viewers // 

This past thursday I sat with the International Jury for the 22nd graduating class of The Royal Academy of Gent, otherwise known as KASK and still otherswise know as HoGent. 

That is a lot of name for such a little city, not well known for fashion, or is it? Considering the city is steeped in textile history, perhaps its deserving of all three names. 

This year I was joined by Belgian star-model and jewelry designer Anouck Lepere,  designers Josephus Thimister and Veronique Branquinho, fashion editors Samuel Drira (Encens Magazine) and Tiffany Godoy (The Reality Show Magazine) and the incomparable Programme Director Willie Walters from Central Saint Martins. If that was not enough then we compound this with the impressive list of academic tudors such as Marina Yee and Eva Bos, advised by department head Bram Jespers.  

The gang and I viewed eight graduating students, spanning research and reference from the impossible love affair of two mythological creatures, angels & cowboys to Matisse.  

Sofie Verclyte who transformed her musical reference into exaggerated shapes was something of a grand prix winner, who won both the FFI and the SMETS concept store prizes. 

It was apparent to the jury that the current happenings are only the beginning, considering the 2nd year BA students showed great promise, perhaps even the favorite to some, one juror even asked to come back, in anticipation. 

Till next time, 

Kristopher Arden-Houser 

All pictures by Jeroom Vanderbeke 






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