Joeri Van Campenhout – Fly Fishing

Decoration as structure is the guiding principle of this highly hand-worked, exotically colored and elegant womenswear collection. The silhouettes refer to the vamps of the seventies like Anjelica Huston and Bianca Jagger, think leather snakeskin suits, and handmade pressed lurex pants.

Crepe pattern parts are held together by a mesh lined with diamonds, and the bias cut creates movement of the fabric. The accessories such as the graphical furry handbags and the furniture decorations such as tassels and feathers on the dresses refer to the artificial fly fishing flies. Hand knitted dresses and embroidered dresses are contrasted with shimmering hologram bodysuits. The mesh fabric is covered with plumes and a lurex suit unravels at the seams, ending in a fuzzy structure. The final dress combines all the techniques of the former silhouettes into a whirlwind of materials, decorations, techniques and movement, completing a collection that is both constructivist and decorative at the same time. 

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David Flamee

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