SHOW2015 – Antwerp Fashion Department – Casper Werner

Casper Werner – Girl on a Motorcycle

The title of the collection refers to the title of the cult 1960s movie with Marianne Faithfull in which she descends from a sweet 60ies girl with pussybows into a sultry motorcycle vamp that is being zipped out of her leather jumpsuit by Alain Delon.

The silhouettes are lined with woollen crepe and accompanied by leather leggings which turn into shoes. Sixties-style brown nubuck and white astrakhan are fused with mesh and knitted stretch pieces. The first silhouettes have candy colored pastels tones, and they move to a more vibrant purple, cognac and red. Two toned colour combinations make for a modern, sleek silhouette finished with highly decorative diamond buttons on leather. The buttons are accompanied by zippers and slits in the second part of the collection, creating a bold look into the vividly colored linings. 

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