An interview with Ahmed Abdelrahman

Dear Diane and Shaded Viewers,

There’s a shared mystery between his garments and his person. Dressed often in elongated tones of black and sporting shades, it doesn’t surprise me that you, Diane, and Ahmed Abdelrahman get along well. His brand, Thamanyah and your birthday also call attention to the same number. You were destined to be friends. 

After beginning his label in 2011, his garments have evolved to contain a dialogue between his origins in the United Arab Emirates, his previous home in Paris, and his current residence in Florence. I read in his brand book:

To the Arab client, Thamanyah is the sociocultural mirror of an evolving United Arab Emirates and Gulf. To the non-Arab client, Thamanyah is a privileged glimpse into a conservative world.

The way Abdelrahman translates his unique and sophisticated cross-cultural influence, earned him a stamp of approval from Mich

Sophie Joy Wright