RITUALS PRojects filled their space with Autumn winter collections of their featured designer together with new arrivals.

Let's start off with their new arrivals.

Masha Ma

Leather dominates the collection of this chinese brand. Filling the collection with rounded shoulders lines and slightly oversized outerwear. The combination of different fabrics is put together as panels, using different color tones.


Buraykhan is an accessories brand, which works with nice feminine lines in their shoes and bags. The shoes are made out of laser cut suede, detailed leather and works with a wide range of colors, making it desirable for every kind of woman. The models differ from stiletto heel, boots, flats and heeled sandals.


Referencing the sport of fencing, Rombaut created a collection of colors and materials based on this sport. White, black, silver and blue are prominently featured; the look and feel of the footwear has a sporty vibe. Working together with different layers, it is visible that Rombaut has an eye for technical design, a feature, which they want to exhibit through the collection.

Next to these new arrivals, RITUAL PRojects also features a range of established contemporary fashion brands, which have been featured by them for a longer period. Here is a highlight of the brands.


The Vetemens Autumn Winter 2015 is an interesting one to watch. The collection exists of ready-to-wear, footwear and accessories. Deconstruction is a term that comes to mind while viewing the collection, replaced seams and using different kinds of silhouette makes the design multi-layered and diverse.  Mixing together classical reshaped pieces with sports inspired garments. The reference to sports comes back in logos on tops, flamed boots and leather sports garments.


Y-project use a wide range of different materials within their designs. Graphic latex, transparent fabrics, velvet, pied du poule, are combined and makes for an interesting visuals while placed on top of each other. While a loose fitted silhouette, the cuts and fit of the garments form a nice combination with the materials.


This brand catches the eye with their use of vibrant colors and shiny materials. The autumn winter mens collection is covered with graphic prints, writings and writings. With the use of color and the variety of materials Sankuanz created a collection which is fun to watch and fun to wear.