Dear Diane and Shaded Viewers,

I had the pleasure to visit all the interesting designers who presented their Autumn Winter 2015 collections at VOID showroom. Here is a highlight of the featured designers.

Gaspard Hex

Gaspard Hex handcrafts beautiful unisex jewellery in the heart of Paris. With their autumn winter collection they try to redefine the purpose of jewellery, artefact of a new world. Bridging connections in their design, Gaspard Hex wants to show that there is a bond within opposites aspects, such as past and future. With the use of sterling silver, bronze, opals and diamonds made for a wide range jewellery collection, with eye-catching designs.


BLUME uses deep research on materials to make the most interesting combinations within their collection, using materials, which almost seemed like paper. Their vision was to create a constructive disorder, this translated into ragged parts in the garments and deconstructed cuts and silhouettes.


Gall made a cohesive collection using depth, not only in print but also in materials. Relocating cuts and volume, the silhouettes of the garments make for a refreshing visual. Working with a dark colour palette with hints of white, creates a mix and match effect.

Propagande Noire

The Metamorphosis of form, the key concept behind the Propagande Noire collection. While studying the metamorphosis of anatomy, they chose to base this collection on highlighting the mutation of the parties of the body during growth. The silhouettes of the collection are dismorphed which results in interesting shapes and forms while creating an optical illusion.

Anna Ziemniak

Working with opposites components, Anna Ziemniak made a diverse and mixable collection, using a contrast of thickness and softness. The inspiration came from modernist architects, combining glass and concrete, translated into transparent fabrics and firm cotton.