Dear Diane and Shaded Viewers,

I had the pleasure of visiting Florence Deschamps showroom, which was filled with various brands and designers. Here is a highlight of the designers who showcased at Florence Deschamps.


Next to her signature skirts, which look like pants, Lepokorpi made her first high-end collection. Her inspiration comes from cable knit sweaters, she inserted key elements of the cable knits in her design, the curve, the pattern and technique. The colors are dyed and splashed directly on the garments; reindeer leather and light scuba are fabrics she has used throughout the collection.

Steven Tai

Creating a mess around the body, the concept behind the collection created by Steven Tai. To construct and de-construct is the method in making the final vision for his designs. The garments have contain a hidden luxury, gold-foiled pressed yarn are incorporated in the fabrics. As cats are his favorite animals, he used typical elements of a cat and included this in his design, in an extravagant and yet introvert way, to create a nice contrast.

Juan Hernandez

A designer originated from Argentina with a sailor inspired collection. Cashmere, organza, knits, crepe and even pearls were used in the creations. Real pearls as Juan lived in Qatar and collected the most beautiful pearls, which are now part of his design. His garments are versatile and a combination of different silhouettes, he imagines the designs as sea-animals that rise out of the water.

Ek Thongprasert

Silicone necklaces inspired by Origami, Ek Thongprasert folds and unfolds their designs in different degrees. The incorporation of hardware items such as bolts, are used in accessories as well as their first ready to wear collection. A streamlined and minimal style is used for the garments, which weigh nice against the feminine detailed necklaces and bags.