Hats by Pasquale Bonfilio text Vito Montedoro

Dear Shaded Viewers,

Hat maker Pasquale Bonfilio was born in San Severo, Puglia in 1979. He started painting at the age of 5, he became a cake designer, a make-up artist, restaurateur and finally a milliner. In 204 he moved to Brussels and worked for a well known milliner and it was there that he fell in love with hats. Last year he moved back to Italy with the desire to make the hats that he'd always dreamed about. He doesn't care about trends or external influences. All of his hats are unique pieces and made by hand in Italy. He makes them all himself and avoids using forms to shape his hats, one reason why each hat is a unique piece. 


Vito Montedoro

Diane Pernet

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