Giancarlo Petriglia Fall-Winter bags: all dedicated to extraordinary women

Dear Shaded Viewers,

today we also wanna talk about bags, the most loved accessories by all women yet the most difficult accessories to please all women.

Transformable, precious and stylish. Three keywords to describe the new Giancarlo Petriglia bags. One winter afternoon, visting a modern art gallery, the Milanese designer admired the pop and fluorescent sculptures of Dae Young Byun and the huge and colorful pvc works with exaggerated proportions by artist Momoyo Torimitsu. From there he started to create the new bags collection. The main features of his convertible and multifunctional bags (most of the bags can be divided in two different bags by means of special zip fastenings) are the colors and new materials: elaphe metallic nappa, pythons, and snakes in fluorescent and exuberant colors, in a winning cocktail of references to childhood dreams and memories of special evening divertissement. There are references to the world of fashion and culture, the bags are dedicated to three new icons. The first is the irreverent style muse Isabella Blow who has inspired all the fluorescent python series with pop metal details. A reversible elongated bag, with distinctive and innovative proportions.

The second one is Gitte Lee, the famous Danish model who has influenced the black and gold with snakes details– opaque pythons and drummed calves all matched with gold details. The bag "Gitte" refers to the austere and elegant soul of this character. With vertical development, it can be reduced and stretched as needed until it turns into a super chic backpack.And finally, Carmen Dell'Orefice, a timeless inspiration– to her Giancarlo has dedicated the embroidery, especially the "mirrors". The micro bag "Carmen", decorated with classic style mirrors, symbolizes the eternal beauty and elegance she represented. The iconic P-Bag series is enhanced by a larger day bag that has a removable smaller part sealed by two griffins, the designer’s signature. 

And last but not least, the new version of the Diane’s bag, dedicated to Diane Pernet, one of the best sellers of the collection, always part of Giancarlo’s world. Diane received her first bag in 2011 by a friend of hers that was contacted by Giancarlo in order to reach his first muse. The Diane bag is quintessentially Diane: sleek look, minimal and refined, very soft inside and preferably black. The detail is once again Giancarlo’s signature logo, the two gold griffins that embraces the bag with elegance, giving it a distinctive personality. Like the woman behind it.




The first black bag is the Diane Bag

Giorgia Cantarini

Fashion has always been her true calling since she started working as fashion editor and stylist with publications of the likes of Made05, Rolling Stone, Grazia, Glamour,, i-d,,, La Repubblica and Hunger, always cultivating a side interest in artistic perfumery and everything curious, from travels to music, from food to digital. She is also contributor for VOGUE ITALIA for the talents section and Esquire Italy. Her passion lies in discovering new fashion trends, emerging designers and interviewing interesting people all over the world. She also has started to work as stylist for shows and presentations, among the brands Giorgia works with you can find: Situationist, Ssheena, Ellassay, Birkenstock. Diane Pernet is her mentor and one of the most important people in Giorgia’s life.