Polimoda Fashion Show 2017 Tell Me About You at the Villa Favard, Polimoda’s headquarters.

Dear Shaded Viewers,

I had the great pleasure of being on the jury for the Class of 2017 at Polimoda with 20 collections from the selected 4th year students. Jury members included: Christiane Arp (Editor in Chief of German Vogue, Simone Cipriani, Head and Founder of Ethical Fashion Initiative, Fabrizio Fabbro, Senior Vice President of Creative Operations, Burberry, David Fischer, Founder and CEo of Highsnobiety, Simonetta Gianfelici, Fashion Consultant and Talent Scout, Sara Kozlowski, Director of Education and Professional Development, (CFDA), Hirofumi Kurino, Co-Founder and Senior Adviser for Creative Direction, United Arrows, Linda Loppa, Advisor for Strategy and Vision, Polimoda, Michel Maffesoli, Sociologist and Emeritus Professor, La Sorbonne, Sara Maino, Senior Editor Italian Vogue and Vogue Talents, Kanya Miki, Associate Professor of the Faculty of Fashion Science, Bunka, Etienne Russo, Founder of Villa Eugenie , Danilo Venturi, Director of Polimoda and others..and yourstruly.

The students Claudia Genco, Yunjin Cho, Sofia Mollberg, Shania Matthews, Federico Cina, Xi Luo, Fabio Bigondi, Elizaveta Burtseva, Ilaria Tosti, Daisy Ramer, Matteo Bruschi, Margherita Banti, Mirco Arena, Olga Vasyukova, Maximiliano Ruelas, Miranda Hochkoeppler, Lai Shu Lin, Max Anish Gowriah, Ning Yang and Peirong Jiang present each a collection of 8 outfits. As a culmination of their matured sense of creativity, this is their final transition from students to designers, and their first entry into the fashion world.

And the winners are:

Shania Matthews, for her womenswear collection ‘Children Should be Seen and not Heard’. (it’s the colourful knitwear collection, early on in the show)

The show was streamlined to a quick and efficient 30 minutes. After the show the jury handed in their votes. Every student received at least one vote from the jury members which is rather rare and from what I heard it never happened before. Shania Matthews came out the winner for her womenswear collection ‘Children Should be Seen and not Heard’.

Two ‘runner-up” prizes were given to the following two students:


–          Federico Cina, for his collection ‘Vacuum’

–          Max Anish Gowriah, for his collection ‘I’.

With Max Anish Gowriah’s collection it wasn’t the fact of putting men in dresses but more the three ‘real’ women at the end which gave the collection a total twist.

Images are from the awarded collections: Shania Matthews, Federico Cinta and Max Anish Gowriah.




Diane Pernet

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