Dear Diane and Shaded Viewers,


For a publication devoted to visual content to excel, beautiful and well-crafted images are not enough. There must be some sort of ideological or aesthetic axis that enriches and provides depth to the presented material—thus delivering a powerful message. 

Mia Le Journal is edited in Rome, but each of its issues is presented in a different city around the world. The magazine’s perspective remains fresh this way, as it constantly comes into contact with new cultures and artistic languages. Paris was the chosen location for Issue 1 (which follows Issue 0, presented in Milan). The unveiling took place this week at the boutique/atelier I R A K L I, 6 rue Villedo, where editor-in-chief Federica Trotta was kind enough to explain to me the principle that holds together the carefully curated images inside this volume: “Duality”—the juxtaposition of opposing forces and elements, the creation of harmony and unity out of conflict, the nurturing calm after the tempest. 

All photo shoots inside this issue feature subject-matters that have a counterpart of sorts. For instance, photographers Danilo Fal