OUTREMONDE a living landscape at the Collection Lambert in Avignon- theO merCIER

Dear Shaded Viewers,

theO merCIER is without a doubt one of my absolute favourite artists, he is a French sculptor, painter, visual artist, director and photographer. He is trained as a designer and self-taught as an artist, and interned with Matthew Barney in 2008. We met when he was working with Bernard Wilhelm and I remember when he interned for Matthew Barney and visited him in Florence when he did a residency at the Villa Medici and fell in love with his Spaghetti Monster years ago when it was at the Modern Museum in Paris. He’s done several solo exhibitions at the Musée de la Chasse in Paris. He’s done far too many exhibitions and directed performances around the world for me to site them all. Perhaps you can find them on his site.

From July 5th to September 26th OUTREMONDE un paysage vivant at the Collection Lambert in Avignon. You can click here as of June 5th to make a reservation. He will be in the company of five performers Marie de Corte, Lucie Debay, Grégoire Schaller, Rebeka Warrior and in alternation Melvil Fichou Petit et Paul Allain. The image above of  Théo Mercier gives you an idea of the odyssey, a “living landscape” sculpted by the sand…that he will transport you to with his magic wand.




Diane Pernet

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