From Kiev with love- Mercedes-Benz Fashion Days i


Dear Shaded Viewers,


Going to Kiev has been exciting as ever, not only for discovering new emerging talents from so far away, but also to get to know a city that has just passed through a time of revolution and change. The atmosphere is divided between old symbols from Soviet’s period and strong will to change, go further and embracing a new nationliasm’s form. In life, culture and of course, style.  I’ve been seeing all the shows and these are my favorite, each one for a very different reason.


She was the first show to hit the fashion days in Kiev and she is a truly example of a patriotic label. Zinahida decided to pay homage to Ukraine’s capital. The city itself has been her fashion playground, choosing to make become the city’s most famous sposts into graphics. An underground atmosphere, as the pieces are grey and not colorful at all and made me think about a science fiction movie,  or a spy movie to be happen in a future society. The Rainbow Arch, part of the Freidship of Nations monument celebrating the past unification of Russia and the Ukraine, was impressed on a jacket. All these architectures, imagery and subtle messages were also translated in the shapes of the clothes, minimal silhouettes together with defined shapes, with the use of neoprene (that every designer seems to love so much right now), cotton and light silk. I would love to see these clothes catwalking with heels though.


He’s just 27, but he has clear ideas when it comes to fashion. Anton started his own label only 4 years ago, but his clothes are already worn by socialite among the globe. His recognizable sartorial and artsy pieces were spotted during London Fashion Week last season and his show in Kiev amazed national and international press. He was the winner of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Prize and the show was held at the Museum of Technology that is situated among the ancient buildings of the old Campus University surrounded by gardens and mistery. Inside the Museum this contemporary clothing paired with the contrast of vintage machinery, techincal devices from the 70s, old cars such as the iconic Beetle.This collection was inspired by a Russian film from the 90s directed by Valeriy Todorovskiy. The movie called “The Land of the Deaf” dedicated to the complicated languages of signs, that the designer turned into fun prints. Mondrian’s reference was evident, color block designs in baggy shapes with ribbons, crop tops, shirts and denim, seen as a funny yet stylish everyday uniform. I’ve suggested him to work on accessories, as I’d love to see his clothes with one-of-a-kind shoes.


The first time I saw Paskal was at London Fashion Scout two seasons ago and I alread liked the pr

Giorgia Cantarini

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