NYFF52: Sounds the alarms with CITIZENFOUR

Dear Shaded Viewers,

Kent Jones introduced "CITIZENFOUR" as, "Quite an alarming film. Also an exhilarating film." He continued, "It's a great documentary." 

Last night, THE NEW YORK FILM FESTIVAL gave me reason to believe that I was part of history being made. For both documentary filmmaking as a conduit to political change and the power of a single voice as a catylist for that change. The evening was an electirc shock treatement to the art of the documentary. Laura Poitras, the director, has demanded of us a conscience and given us a disturbing look into the Edward Snowden NSA leaks and, at the continuing impact  government surveillance has on our lives

This is what Film Society of Lincoln Center and THE NEW YORK FILM FESTIVAL has been about for the past 52 years and. As a filmmaker myself, in New York, I know I am in the right city.



Edward Snowden, CITIZENFOUR


Laura Poitras