An Afternoon with Sophie Hong – by Sophie Joy Wright

Dear Diane and Shaded Viewers, 

Sophie Hong is something of an enigma. After showing in Milan "some years ago", she has never since designed for seasons, and her showroom in the Palais Royale is open to passers-by, who can buy pieces and take them home directly. She clearly doesn't care about how things 'should' be done, but just does it in her way. 

Originally from Taipei, Sophie makes garments in sets, so the collars and sleeves align perfectly as each piece is added or subtracted. She mainly works with silk that she treats by hand 50 metres at a time with various methods she has developed over many, many years. The mud-washed silk makes a beautiful leather-like effect on the garments, Hong Silk, she called it. Sophie also works with indigo-dyeing, and considers details like the tiny sea-pearls that she hand-sews on her collars, imperative. 

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Sophie was also kind to show me a few of the publications, art, and the jewellery projects she has been involved in over the years. What an unexpeted delight this visit was.


Happy Sunday, 

Sophie Joy 

Sophie Joy Wright