Introducing Alessandra Azambuja and her Visual Poetry

Calm, love and courage.  It sounds so simple.  A moral mantra, perhaps?  Not really.  According to Brazilian artist Alessandra Azambuja, these hyper-luminous pronouncements are passwords to something far more fun and fundamental.  Refusing to be categorised by the powers-that-be, such objets-d'art are both something for everyone and everything for someone.  Are they wise and lucid lamps?  Or univerally ubiquitous works of art?  By moulding that most gaudy shade of light – neon – into gloriously transparent (truthful) strands of human emotion, Azambuja seems to be saying something very powerful indeed.  "Visual Poetry" is what she calls it but, truth be told, it's closer to luxury light therapy. 

Commercialization:  Eduardo Fernandes Galerie
La Lampe at Alameda Gabriel Monteiro da Silva