1995 when Marc Audibet was designing for PRADA

Dear Shaded Viewers,

Back in the 80's when I was still a fashion designer and living in NYC, I remember Bill Cunningham's extensive coverage of the collections in the downtown publication, Details. That was long before it was bought by Conde Nast and turned into a mens publication. At that time it was owned by Annie Flanders and the big excitement was when Bill Cunningham covered the season's highlights in all of the major capitals of the world. Long before I moved to Paris and met  Marc Audibet, I was totally enchanted by his work. Aside from being one of the most talented designers of his generation with his experience at UNGARO, BALMAIN, GRES, CERRUTI, BASILE, LAURA BAGOTTI, prior to launching his own brand in 1984, Audibet  is known for revolutionizing the fashion industry with his industrial project, the creation of stretch. Audibet is referred to as the father of the stretch fabric. 1985 Marc Audibet became textile advisor to the American fabric and Fibre Company DU PONT in an industrial project where the aim was to mix LYCRA with fabrics such as linen, cotton and silk.

In the 90's Audibet worked as a Creator for HERMES for 7 years, at PRADA he was credited with helping to position the brand as a luxury leader during the 90's. 


Brouse through some of his press:




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