Dear Shaded Viewers,

Here are a few snapshots from the past 3 days at the La Encartada Moda. My friend Mei Hui Liu had an exhibition of her 3 muses. Alberto Sinpatron was the Director and curator of the festival. Highlights included Mei Hui Liu, of course, Sinpatron and Diez Diez. The 2 established designers showed their collection but also gave a chance to emerging talents. Antxia was the choice of Sinpatron. If you click the images you will find the designer's names. 

In addition to the fashion shows, trade show and exhibition Robb, Natacha Marro and I found time to visit the Guggenheim Bilbao where there is an amazing Yoko Ono show, it is a profound look into her work and I can assure you you will discover many things about Yoko Ono that you were never aware of. If you follow me on instagram…asvof, you can find some snapshots from the catalogue and a few images were posted earlier today. It was not possible to photograph the exhibition but the exterior  art was pretty amazing with Louise Bourgeois and her unforgettable spider, Anish Kapoor with the silver balls and Jeff Koons with his colorful tulips.

We were treated to amazing food while there, the chef's from Dando La Brasa were my favorite. They came to our charming Hotel Ibarra  in Bizkaia and prepared a few meals for us. Heavenly. In fact everything was magical. We also met the mayor on the first day (that is the second photo but Alberto Sinpatron is in front of him so you cannot really see him),  and were treated to a modern dance performance. I'll post the finale's of a few of the shows next week.

I have to admit the swings were not my idea but clearly I enjoyed them.



Diane Pernet

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