More sweet memories from last week when ASVOFF had a press conference in Mexico City THANK YOU TEAM ASVOFF MEXICO

Dear Shaded Viewers,

I know it looks like all we did as eat but I have to say the food was outstanding our dinner at CasaVirginiaDF, when Jason Last joined us for dinner on his 5 hour stopover in Mexico City, a poetic Mexican lunch at Dulce Patria, the first time I think I've tasted real Mexican food as apart from Tex Mex…last delicious lunch at Rosetta and of course the brunch at the press conference from Contramar. It was an eating extravaganza. And you know me the fact that Volvo gave us a car for my entire stay, well that is my luxe a 24/7 car and driver. I had great fun also at Reforma and seeing those amazing printing machines both more vintage and futuristic but no pics allowed. And of course I was super happy with my suite at the Condesa with the beautiful flowers from Cosmos.



Diane Pernet

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