Giorgia Cantarini reports on the Milan Design Fair Part 3 ToKYo IMAgINE

Dear Shaded Viewers,

The last days of Salone took me around Tortona’s area ready to discover Tokyo Designers Week. Do you expect to see high-profile tech solutions? Think again! This season this edition of Tokyo Imagine is about mixing the old japanese traditions from Edo’s culture with new form of expressions. From a 2.0 version of a Merry Go Round to a portable living room on two wheels, from a furry puppet that is a sort of fantasy character of the next Olympics to a Kabuki Kimonos, from an origami vase to the sculptural dresses and accessories of Leonard Wong and Masay Kushino. A bit of led could not be missed with theMediaBlockChair cubic stools that can be attached to create a chair of your taste. 

Tokyo Designers Week in Milano 2014 organized by Design Association NPO (Japan) which will connect with more than 60 DESIGN WEEK 'Sin the world. Milan is the first stop.

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