Last Performance Today: KUDU – music and dance by Gregory Maqoma & the Vuyani Dance Theater and Erik Truffaz Quartet at Musee du Quai Branly

Dear Shaded Viewers,

Last night my friend Christophe Billet and I went to the Dance at the Quai Branly performance of KUDU with the Erik Truffaz Quartet (Marcello Giuliani, Marc Erbetta and Benoit Corvoz) and Gregory Maqoma & the Vuyani Dance Theatre. The video above is not the same performance,we could not film or take photos during the dance,but I wanted to give you an idea of this very powerful choregraphy as a reference. Their dance is a way for the artists to push their introspection of their art and culture and  to question their history and to find an aesthetic that represents their culture.   Africa is full of possibilities and that is what Gregory Maqoma and his Vuyani Dance Theatre feeds from. You can visit the Vuyani dance theatre link below for more information.

The Director of the dance company is Gregory Vuyani Maqoma and Gregory is considered an icon in the world of contemporary African dance. Most of the dancers in his company come from South Africa and for last night's performance the Erik Trufaz Quartet accompanied them. After the performance I was speaking with my friend Christophe Billet about it and he said it was like animals in the woods, at first very afraid of venturing out, one would try something then the others would follow there was a very particular way they showed their hesitation and what seemed like fear, with holding their shoulders very far back and rather prancing timidly forward as a group. As the performance went on they grew stronger and more powerful and sure of themselves. Gregory Maqoma was always the leader and as well as dancing superbly he has an excellent voice. The group has been together for the past 15 years. 



Diane Pernet

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