Roksanda Ilincic, fall 2014 – text by Silvia Bombardini

Dear Shaded Viewers and Diane,


Something needs to be said about the upstairs venue at the Old Sorting Office: its unabashedly industrial appeal, with buzzing, blinking lights and a minimal soundscape vibrating all the way along the pillars and those boxy benches as we sit, perfectly fits a very specific clique of designers, the likes of Jonathan Saunders for example, or Roksanda Ilincic. It suits fluency in colours, studies in composition that don't fear the bluntness of any neon light. Where lesser designs would flutter and lose focus, vaguely misplaced in such a stark space they instead instantly look at ease. Take the Roksanda Ilincic girl for instance: wearing rubber-soled, pointy flats with socks and rather chaste, mid-calf ensembles swinging around the tones of nude, cornflower and eggplant, yet all she needs is the golden hug of a solid belt to capture all of the light wherever she goes. Which likely is somewhere exceedingly urban and inadvertently intellectual, like a drive-in cinema club or such. With flared, asymmetric hemlines and the occasional glint of mirror tassels embroidered here and there, she walks to the rhythm of what I'm pretty sure was an actual siren mixed in with Dan Lywood & Ben Bridgewater's soundtrack. Going somewhere you probably wish you were going too, because she's just that cool.

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