A short talk with Kang Dong Jun, designer of the brand D.GNAK , text Stefania Seoni

Dear Diane, Dear shaded viewers


D.GNAK is the brand of clothing for men created by designer Kang Dong Jun. Born in Seoul, Kang

he graduated from Parson's School of  Design in New York and debuted with the collection F / W 2008 during the Seoul Fashion Week. The spirit of the brand takes its own codes of classic men's tailoring with unexpected details; achromatic pieces with innovative silhouettes. The brand name comes from the reflection of Kang and expresses the designer's fascination for everything that is experimental, eclectic and breakage.

How did you feel to be in Milan fashion week?

It is the first time for me in Milan, and is like  a dream became true I am really happy.


What about the inspirations for this collection?

I was inspired by the work of artist Francis Bacon, in the pure and minimalist pallet of black and deep red. I used these colours  as a  remind of the Korean post- war years with their dark tones.


Seems that  there are a lot of influences from  the origami tradition

 Origami is a really popular tradition in Korea , I love the idea to create shapes from this art , with a  melting  of  tradition with different  languages :  music, digital art, food , the cultural mix creates new forms of clothing, new  identity and aesthetics.


How do you define your style?

 I think is a  popular avant garde.