The Luxury Conference at Capella Singapore-Sentosa Island, Singapore

Dear Shaded Viewers,

While we wait for a first hand report from Robb Young, I thought I'd steal a few of his facebook images to let you know how it went at Capella Singapore-Sentosa Island, Singapore and the Luxury Conference.

Robb Young's solo appearance on a massive stage, "Suzaquatic… A very very very wild evening with divers swimming amongst the sharks and stingrays to congratulate Suzy with signs in the massive ocean tanks in full diving gear… — at SEA Aquarium Sentosa Island." Robb conducts a  "clever, cool and engaging panel of CEOs flown in from Vietnam, Indonesia, the Philippines and elsewhere to be interviewed by me (Robb Young)  after my scary solo adventure on stage… Thank you Chandra, Anh, Doug & Eman! Again, "phewww!" And thanks Suzy of course." 

Robb with our friend Andreina Longhi at Suzy's 25th anniversary bash at the Aquarium. What you don't know is Robb is a strict vegetarian and even the sight of fish in the tanks probably pushed him over the edge, not to mention if it ended up on plates.

The photo at the end was not from Singapore but  a beautiful welcome to Indonesia…. thanks to Mr. Biyan Wanaatmadja.



Diane Pernet

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