Upcoming shows for Pierre Gonnord

Dear Shaded Viewers,

I met Pierre Gonnord years ago when he took my portrait for Neo2. He is French but he prefers living in Spain. He works with a large format camera and behind a black cloth. In fact the subject is in total darkness with rather harsh light. If you are in Madrid, Italy, France or the US, you will want to attend one of his exhibitions.

* SCAD Museum – Savannah – US                  

   01.10.2013 / 24.01.2014

* FRAC Clermont Ferrand – France               

   05.10.2013 / 09.02.2014

* MC2 – Milano – Italy                                      

   05.11.2013 / 07.02.2014

* CEART Fuenlabrada – Madrid – Spain

   "El sue

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