Aitor Throup New Object Research

Dear Shaded Viewers,

There were some that thought it would never happen but, alas, Aitor Throup has released his highly anticipated ready-to-wear clothing and accessories line New Object Research around the planet to an exclusive network of specialist retailers. Aitor Throup spent 7 years developping an armhole. Throup could never be content unless he created an object or a garment totally re-inventing every aspect of it. 

Tim Blanks,, 11th Oct 2013


'It’s been seven years since he graduated from the Royal College of Art—seven years of mind-bending manifestos, endless obsessive sampling, teasers, feints… But at last it’s here. On Thursday, Aitor Throup, the philosopher king of London menswear, released his first complete collection to a handful of stores around the world…' Read the full article



Diane Pernet

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