Adam Gefen, fall 2013 – by Silvia Bombardini

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Dear Shaded Viewers and Diane,


We were waltzing around Tel Aviv on a guided tour of carefully selected ateliers and hidden gems of the Israeli fashion scene, when our van neared a seemingly inconsequent post-industrial site, the kind that would be teeming with artists in Berlin but still looked rather quiet in Tel Aviv. On the second floor however, it hosted the charming studio of Adam Gefen, the Jerusalem-born menswear designer who left behind traditional garments and ethnical conventions to pursue instead bold colorful prints and a textured sportswear attire. His winter 2013 collection for instance was inspired by the notable mountaineer expeditions of the early 1920s, but as if suddenly kidnapped by aliens. This gave way to urban, waterproof outerwear in mildly rusty hues, and m