ASVOFF Moving Day…thanks to the soon to be launched website…to be continued…

Moving Day at ASVOFF headquarters

Savio Debernardis, Sophie Joy Wright and Ivana Culjak

Dear Shaded Viewers,

This is the part of the team that has been working for months processing all the data for ASVOFF 6. By now you know it takes place at Centre Pompidou Oct 11, 12 & 13th before moving on to Antwerp at the MUSE on the 15 & 16th and then off to Montreal on the 17th October. For now…it was moving day today,ASVOFF has been welcomed into the wonderful Headquarters. The space is beautiful, lots of light, high ceilings and finally the internet is up and running. 

Moving Day at ASVOFF headquarters

Bless you Vincent Gagliostro for this …..Sophie Joy Wright and Savio Debernardis trying to figure out the best place for the two computers. 

Moving Day at ASVOFF headquarters

While we were packing up, Ivana Culjak could not resist putting on the bespoke Piers Atkinson turban and my bespoke Ozona sunglasses. I made her crouch down a bit to be more my height.

Moving Day at ASVOFF headquarters

And finally today, Akiko Hamaoka got her physical and her carte de residence, I like the new smaller size. We all went out to Nanashi to celebrate the space and Akiko's card. As we were sitting at the table I remarked that we were like a league of nations, Akiko from Japan, Savio, Italy, Ivana, Croatia and Sophie Joy from Australia.



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