KTZ Menswear, spring 2014 – by Silvia Bombardini

Ktz 5

Dear Shaded
Viewers and Diane,


It was Omar
Souleyman's remix of Bjork's "Crystalline", their perfect
soundtrack for the show, to inspire KTZ's collection for spring 2014. A magical
accord of Icelandic and Syrian nuances for a legion of Bedouins in pointed
hoods and fluttering cloaks, printed all over with world flags and fading ancient
maps. KTZ's namesake multiculturalism took on this season a romantic, almost
quixotic appeal, bringing to London the layered, roomy silhouettes of forgotten
cultures and tribes, loosely wrapped in linen and KTZ's iconic protective
symbols. From Tibet to Marrakech, the boys had the graceful mien of Aladdin and
the confident stride of warriors masked in gold; tradition mingled with urban
poetry with practiced postmodern ease. When I visited them at the London
Showrooms in Paris a couple of days ago, CEO Sasha Bezovski told me
all there is to know about it:

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