palmer//harding, spring 2014 – text by Silvia Bombardini

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Dear Shaded Viewers and Diane,


Yesterday by the screening room at the
Hospital Club, I went to see palmer//harding's proposal for the spring to come.
For the fifth anniversary of their menswear collection, designers Levi Palmer
and Matthew Harding looked back to their bright way so far, and into their very
own wardrobes, to see which ones of their ever impeccable shirts effectively
made it to their daily routine. Honest, intimate and reassuringly familiar, the
collection focuses on eleven favourite shirts from their past seasons, in
brushed chambray or crisp Swiss poplin, updated and perfected in their
constructions and styles. A gentle, self-aware and somehow indulgent reflection
on the frantic pace of fashion and the much slower, Darwinian progression of
man's dressing habits, entwined as they are with feelings of comfort, trust and
emotional attachment. Matthew told me all about them, as we watched the
exclusive short film to showcase the looks, shot by Cecile Harris with music by
Devendra Banhart.  


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