RENE – Photography by Paul Mouginot // Opening May 24th at the Panama Art Cafe in Paris



Dear Shaded Viewers,

"The theme of this small series is around souvenirs and the way to rebuild them through different photographical techniques. I actually followed the steps of the French writer Georges Perec: in his famous book called "W ou le Souvenir d'enfance", he tries to find his childhood memories through automatic writing. The text clearly shows the process of remembrance and highlights the way his memory works. I tried to translate the same techniques in photography, adding a visual aesthetic exigence."


The exhibition  features ten prints, which are all reconstituted souvenirs. The oak frames were supplied by a Parisian boutique, and Paul financed everything by working as a private tutor in Mathematics.


Paul Mouginot's Opening :

Friday May 24th, 8:00 PM

DJ set by Le Charivari and Sabrine Aouida

Paname Art Caf

Diane Pernet

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