Sweet memory from my first trip to Vienna sometime in the 80’s


Vienna with Jutta Pregenzer 1980's
1985 with Jutta Pregenzer, Lisi & Klemens

Dear Shaded Viewers,

Jutta used to be my patternmaker while she was living in NYC in the 80's. I don't remember the year exactly but once she moved back to Vienna she invited me to visit her and join her friends Lisi and Klemens on a flea market tour in Budapest, it was my first time in either country. I remember a very funny episode when we went to a famous tea room in Vienna where Egon Schiele used to sit and draw, well, it seemed like every old world cafe said that he had been there, and it was quiet, classic music, newspapers on wooden rods. I'd run into one of my models on the street earlier in the day and suddenly a Japanese film crew entered the cafe and it seems that the famous singer that was presenting the show was a client of mine, she'd purchased some of my pieces from Seibu and she sent one of the team back to her hotel room to bring a sheer raincoat that she had bought from me and wanted to know why my pieces were so expensive over there… It was just before my license started with Seibu so I was happy to tell her that soon they would be less expensive for her.  It was really funny the total chaos that ensued in what had been a very quiet afternoon.

DP by Antonin Kratochvil Magnum photographer
photo by Magnum photographer: Antonin Kratochvil 

Neith Hunter and Jane Thorvaldson photo by Antonin Kratochvil hair and make up David Frank Ray  1983:84

Neith Hunter and Jane Thorvaldson photo by Antonin Kratochvil Hair and Make-up by David Frank Ray, actually he is how I met Antonin in the first place.

Here is a photo of the transparent raincoat that she had in her hotel room. The Magnum photographer, Antonin Kratochvil , also a soccer player, used to love to take photos of my models…everyone loved Neith Hunter, she was my signature model for the first few years of my business that was before she was discovered by Herb Ritts and was nolonger available. I was happy for her, she was the perfect DP model.

This post made me think about Neith Hunter so here area few photos of her in my designs back in the 80's.

Neith for a fitting in my NYC atelier

1984 Neith Hunter in DP

Hats were designed by the costume designer from Drugstore Cowboy, Goodwill Hunting,Great Expectations,  Beatrix Aruna Pasztor,  she had just come to New York from Budapest, Hungary. 

Neith in DP Cafe Sphinx
Neith in gold linen suit

Neith, Gamal and Ophra  at end of show

Ophra Shemesh, Neith Hunter and Gamal Sherif after the show…



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