Something to look forward to: Acne’s Creative Director, Jonny Johansson collaborates with Musee Galliera and Katerina Jebb


Dear Shaded Viewers,

ACNE just announced a collaboration with the Musee Galliera and artist/photographer, Katerina Jebb. This is a collaboration between an artist, a brand and a museum. Olivier Saillard, the Director of the Galliera Museum is breathing new life into France's immense costume museum and France is so happy to have him. 

Katerina Jebb scanned objects of clothing from the 18th century onwards and constructed photo-montages, predominantly the insides of garments. The result is the unexpected revelation of the unintentional inside of the garments which are almost intimate. Via the scanner the exact document of the garments is produced, which is brutally honest and one can see that these pieces have lived through the decades of wear and service. It is a study and a respectful awareness of time and the value in how one makes something.

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Diane Pernet

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