A conversation with Thoreen & Ritter


How did Thoreen
& Ritter come about?

After five years of working together as art installers and fabricators
for artists and galleries, we continued to cross paths as each of us moved
through the art and architecture world. In 2009 our company was reified around
the design and construction of Waterloo & City, gastro-pub in Los Angeles.

What projects are
you currently working on?

In addition to working on new furniture pieces and prototypes, we are
currently working on a creative office space for Revolve Clothing. The project
involves defining creative work areas inside a large warehouse space using
pallet racks and industrial fixtures as architectural features.

How has the design
community progressed in Los Angeles?

The design community, particularly architectural and the like, seems to
have regressed back to the sensibilities of the modernism of the