Meeting old friends at Les Deux Abeilles today


Stephan Breuer Magali Alcaide Max Luisetto
Stephan Breuer, Magali Alcaide and Max Luisetto

Dear Shaded Viewers,

Sometimes meetings overlap and maybe that is meant to be, at any rate that is what happened today and with it a funny coincidence that they have a dear friend in common. Last time I saw Max was when I was in Miami Basel with ASVOFF and I ran into him in the art fair. I ran into Stephan and Magali at Cafe Flore one day but probably I know Max and Stephan about 15 years. Max lives between Brussels and Sao Paulo. It was a pleasure but too short.

Max Luisetto DP
Max Luisetto

Stephan Breuer Magali Alcaide

Stephan Breuer and his partner in life and in work, Magali Alcaide

Stephan Breuer
Stephan Breuer



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